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Where is CBD Oil taken?

Recently cannabidiol (CBD Oil) was unknown. But he has become an important medical device few years ago. For many people it is a useful biological supplement. Cannabidiol: what is it, how it is made, indications and contraindications.

What is cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is used to treat numerous diseases. It belongs to 104 cannabinoids, which are contained in the cannabis or marijuana plants. CBD Oil does not excite the human psyche, unlike the THC. In other words, this substance is not interesting for drug addicts. Instead, it is a great way to eliminate the symptoms of some diseases.

Cannabidiol is part of the oil cannabis resin. This is one of the hundred unique compounds that contain at plant. The resin is located on dense hemp flowers, on which miniature “trichomes” are attached. Trichoma has a special gland that produces oily, diverse compounds, in particular CBD Oil, tetrahydrocannabinol and aromatic terpenes. The oil is intended to prevent the negative effects of high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. It also protects plants from fungus, bacterias, insects and animals. But the resin is useful not only for the producing plants, but also for humans. It consists of many essential substances. CBD Oil is not a toxic one. It has features that are useful to overcome the symptoms of many diseases. THC also has good characteristics for the treatment of diseases.

Consequently, CBD Oil is extracted with trichomes of cannabis. Different plant species have different concentrations of this substance. Industrial cannabis has only 0,3% THC in the dried state and less resins. However, the best plant varieties have high rate of THC and a small percentage of CBD Oil. So, before the CBD Oil resin extraction, the key issue is the selection of a variety of hemp. It determines the chemical components of future medical substances. Trichomes, like small formations, simply disappear from a cannabis flower. Even a weak touch can cause it. Resins are the basis for the production of hashish and powder of hashish (“kifu”). The technology is simple: you need to manually hold flowers of the plant to get resinous trichomes. Also, sometimes they make tile — rosin. This requires an environment of high temperatures or pressures.

The “younger brothers” of the resinous trichomes of flowers and leaves — miniature trichomes on the stalk of cannabis. However, there is no percentage of pitches. CBD Oil also is not contained in seeds of cannabis. So, do not believe in advertising and etiquette of drugs.

Ways to get CBD Oil

In any case, the basis of the product is a plant material with high content of CBD Oil. There are several options for extracting substances. They have own advantages and disadvantages, differing in safety and efficiency. Regardless of the extraction method, the purpose of work is to obtain a high concentration of CBD Oil solution. The result of the proper extraction of high-quality raw materials is a dense resin. The content of impurities depends on the method of extraction. Scientists include CBD Oil in the “terpenophenol” group. In other words, substance is soluble in oil and alcohol. Therefore, a solvent is used to neutralize the action of the last two. This substance is CO2, hydrocarbons (for example, butane), ethanol and olive oil.

Method 1: CO2

This is not only the most popular method, but the most dangerous one. CO2 is a gas in normal conditions. But this substance changes its properties at high pressure and temperature rises. CO2 becomes a solvent and absorbs active ingredients from the plant material. The main advantage of the method is high efficiency. CBD Oil and other compounds are obtained only for certain temperatures and pressures. As a result, specialized enterprises receive the most pure mix of certain substances. Gradually the pressure decreases. The CBD Oil-rich, gold-colored mixture is obtained. It enters a special container.

The next stage is “winterization”. It consists in cleaning the mixture of impurities in order to improve the quality and value of the final product. Part of the mixture does not meet the requirements is filtered out. As a result, a safe, pure, CBD Oil-rich, chlorophyll-free mixture is obtained.
The CO2 option requires the use of costly equipment, but there is no likelihood of an explosion or fire.

Method 2: ethanol

Ethanol was the basis for the manufacture of numerous medicinal products from plants. In the nineteenth century American physicians considered cannabis tincture an excellent means to overcome diseases such as neuralgia, hemorrhage, depression and muscle trauma.
However, in 1937 a marijuana tax law was passed. People did not have the right to consume cannabis in any form. However, ordinary citizens made tinctures based on hemp at home. This approach was especially typical for Hispanics. Although the law adversely affected the level of industrial production of these specific drugs, people did not listen to the demands.
Ethanol has become a more popular method for the manufacture of medicines, including CBD Oil in recent years. The usual infusion has a portion like the flower’s cannabis extract. Instead the concentrated version has higher rates. Food alcohol is the basis of tinctures that are taken internally. Rick Simpson Oil (aka RSO) or Full-Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)
Other names of the standard extracts are Rick Simpson (aka RSO) or Full-Extract Cannabis Oil  (FECO). To make tincture, cannabis flowers soak in ethanol. Then the mixture is carefully heated to obtain concentrated “porridge”.

The finished product is packaged in plastic syringes to facilitate dosing. RSO consists not only of CBD Oil, but also of other cannabinoids contained in plants, for example, THC. Specialists do not advise to take a dose that is larger than rice grain. Further therapy should be conducted under the supervision of doctors. They can increase the dose if it’s necessary.

Method 3: hydrocarbon

The technology consists in the use of hydrocarbon solvents: butane, propane, hexane or a combination thereof. The method is distinguished by both substantial advantages and large minuses in comparison with other approaches. If you do everything right then you can get rid of the unnecessary components (for example, chlorophyll), to preserve a special aroma and therapeutic properties of plants.
If cannabidiol concentrates are made according to this technology, they will look like a tree texture, ear sulfur or candy crumble. The finished product is called “shatter”, because from the outside it resembles a glass surface that is damaged in a special way. The concentrate enters the human body through the respiratory system by inhalation: cannabidiol evaporates under high temperatures.
Carbohydrates are easily inflamed and are neurotoxic solvents. Some manufacturers save money on cleaning the product and harmful substances fall into the human body. This is especially dangerous for people with a weakened immune system. If the employees of an enterprise do not adhere to the technology of production, it can lead to explosions.

Method 4: olive oil

Olive oil does not explode and is not toxic, so it is a safe and affordable option for home-made CBD Oil extraction. In 2013, Luigi L. Romano and Arno Hazekamp analyzed the effectiveness of methods for obtaining cannabidiol. Researchers have found that the best way to extraction is with olive oil.
As a result of heating the plant material in the oven, THC and CBD Oil are obtained. The flowers and leaves of hemp are placed in olive oil, strained and the product is ready. However, cannabis-enriched oil is quickly spoiled. Put it in a cool and dark place.

Similar technology is relevant for coconut and avocados. What’s interesting is that the hemp seeds appear as a solvent. Regardless of the method of production, at the final stage cannabidiol is diluted with oil: often coconut or hemp seeds.

7 advantages of the CBD Oil

Before and after the legalization of cannabidiol in some countries of the world, scientists investigated the effect of this substance on the human body. There are many myths about the positive effects of using the CBD Oil, but we will focus solely on scientifically proven facts. Consequently, there are seven benefits from consuming cannabidiol.


  • Pain relief


Recently researchers have found that CBD Oil reduces pain. The endocannabinoid system of the human body is responsible for sleeping, the immune system, appetite and pain. The intensity of the latter is regulated in particular by endocannabinoid receptors. CBD Oil affects them and alleviates pain and slows down inflammation.
The research was conducted on rats and humans. In the first case, scientists found that cannabidiol reduced pain during surgical intervention and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. In the second case, the combination of THC and CBD Oil reduced pain in multiple sclerosis and arthritis.
Satix spray based on THC and CBD Oil is legalized in several countries. It relieves pain caused by multiple sclerosis.

A recent research on the efficacy of Sativex spray has been conducted. Patients with multiple sclerosis were divided into two groups. One of them have a spray, and the other — no. Representatives of first group said about relief of pain, increased comfort in walking, reduced frequency and less strength of muscle spasms.
Another study involved 58 patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Patients reported about improved sleep, reduced pain in walking and in state of rest.

CBD Oil in combination with THC reduces pain in sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Removing depression and anxiety


Depression and anxiety are not only mental threat, but also a problem of the whole body. According to a WHO’s study, depression is the main cause of disability and the anxiety is the 6th one.

For the treatment of these mental disorders doctors prescribe drugs with negative consequences such as:

  • drowsiness,
  • insomnia,
  • headache,
  • overexcitement,
  • sexual dysfunction.

Some medications, including benzodiazepines, lead to addiction of psychoactive drugs.

Scientists have repeatedly tested the CBD Oil’s effectiveness against depression and anxiety. For example, once 24 people were divided into two groups: some people took 600 mg of this substance, while other — only imitation. People who used cannabidiol were more calm, better spoken and had less cognitive impairment.

The CBD Oil has also helped children with mental disorders after injuries. Kids began to worry less and sleep better. A similar effect was on animals.
The secret of CBD Oil is the effect on receptors of serotonin, one of the 5 main neurotransmitters of the brain, which is responsible for mood and social behavior.


  • Removing the symptoms of cancer


The CBD Oil allows you to eliminate vomiting, nausea and pain. This is confirmed by a study of 177 patients with cancer. The disease was accompanied by severe and persistent pain. CBD Oil and THC removed this unpleasant sensation.

Negative effects after chemotherapy are nausea and vomiting. Of course, numerous medicines are used to overcome them. However, the combination of CBD Oil and THC is one of the most effective approaches.

According to animal research, CBD Oil inhibits the development of cancer. In particular, the substance stops the growing of malignant cells in the mammary gland of mice. At present, scientists have not proven that the same effect is relevant to the human body.
CBD Oil helps relieve cancer symptoms. This substance inhibits the development of malignant cells of animals, but the human body requires more thorough research.


  • Reducing acne


Acne — inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the skin. It suffers from every 10th inhabitant of the planet. The reasons are different: heredity, microorganisms, improper functioning of the sebaceous glands, etc.
Scientists have proven that CBD Oil is an effective substance for acne treatment. Cannabidiol reduces the intensity of inflammatory processes in the sebaceous glands and the amount of excess sebum production. CBD Oil also blocks the work of such negative agents as cytokines.
Of course, such characteristics of cannabidiol are very good, but scientists continue to investigate thoroughly the effects of matter on the human body.


  • Neuroprotective properties


According to scientists, the CBD Oil has a positive effect on endocannabinoid and other brain systems. Potentially, this can contribute to coping with mental problems, including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
The Sativex spray reduces the intensity of spasms in people with multiple sclerosis. 3 out of 4 patients confirmed the effectiveness of that way.
There were people with severe epilepsy in another research. Patients took 2.5 g of CBD Oil per 1 kg of body weight. â…“ noticed a decrease in the intensity of the pain.

Another research was conducted with children, which have Drastro’s syndrome — severe epilepsy disorder. Seizures occurred less frequently after taking cannabis. But in this and previous researches there were negative consequences: diarrhea, fever and cramps.
According to several studies at the same time, CBD Oil use has had a positive impact on the quality of life and sleep of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

The study of the influence CBD Oil on animals is also interesting. Scientists have found that the substance reduces inflammation and prevents neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. In particular, it were managed to prevent cognitive decline for mice with this problem.
Of course, the influence of the CBD Oil has not been fully understood yet. But several researches have shown that the substance is effective against symptoms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease in humans, and slows down the development of Alzheimer’s disease in animals.


  • Heart


CBD Oil reduces blood pressure. Accordingly, taking this substance decreases the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome, heart attack and stroke.
In one research 10 men received 600 mg of CBD Oil. As a result, they lowered blood pressure compared with the state of tranquility. Later, men were given stress tests. The effect of stimuli was slightly offset by the CBD Oil, so blood pressure has risen by less than the standard conditions. According to researchers, this effect is associated with the same features of cannabidiol that eliminates anxiety and depression.

Even more interesting results of animal research. CBD Oil has strong antioxidant and anti-stress properties, so the substance prevents the death of heart cells through other illnesses. For example, diabetic patients had fewer heart problems.
CBD Oil reduces pressure and prevents death of heart cells. But more researches are needed on animals and humans to prove it.


  • Other potential opportunities


Researchers are actively exploring the peculiarities of the CBD Oil, trying to find the best benefits for humans. In particular, some scholars convinced of the following possibilities.

  • Antipsychotic effects. CBD Oil reduces the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia and other illnesses.
  • Fighting drug addiction. Cannabidiol makes it easier to switch between a constant task of finding a drug and deal of everyday life. Rats become less dependent on morphine and heroin.
  • Antitumor effect. The research was carried out on animals and with a test tube. CBD Oil inhibits the development of breast cancer cells, colon, prostate and lungs.
  • Diabetes Prevention. Mice regularly used cannabidiol, which decreased the incidence of diabetes by 56% and significantly reduced inflammatory processes.

CBD Oil is an effective way to overcome diabetes, mental problems, drug addiction and cancer. But there aren’t enough researches of the effects of cannabidiol on humans.

Side effects:

CBD Oil is a substance that in general does not harm our body. However, after taking cannabidiol oil, some people may have the following side effects:

  • loss of appetite,
  • diarrhea,
  • fatigue,
  • impression on the liver.

CBD Oil reacts with some medical substances. You should consult your doctor before taking cannabidiol in combination with other medicines. Only this way you can prevent the negative consequences of your intake.
Potentially, CBD Oil is an effective remedy for anxiety and depression, heart diseases and acne. The substance alleviates the pain of cancer. Scientists continue to explore the positive and negative effects of cannabidiol on animals and humans. Perhaps in the future, CBD Oil will become a popular drug and a panacea for many diseases. This requires that the product will be made according to clear standards, in particular regarding the concentration of cannabidiol and THC in medical preparations.